Ricoh Caplio G3

Announced Feb 13, 2003 •
3 megapixels | 1.6 screen | 35 – 105 mm (3×)

this really is a compact camera - you won't find any bells or whistles from here. colors are good and pictures seems to come out very sharp, in day light - and here we're, you can't seem to get good pictures inside(lowlight). iso-settings over 125 are noisy and inbuild flash is a joke. macro is assum! you really can focus right to the 1cm with crisp details, but as you don't have control over aperture your sharp area is very narrow. it does the trick in half of the price of a canon.

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davo mitchell

this is the first ever digital camera i have owned and i bought it after much deliberation beacuse a) its fast in snapping a shot and b) it takes aa batteries as well as its own type, and its pretty cheap. i have the model s which is black and made of a slightly different material but essentially its the same camera, and i am pretty pleased with it, it is fast, simple to use battery seems to last for ages and the macro zoom is sensational. for those complaining about the buttons i say lose ...

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How disappointed am I with the G3? Very. I've just returned from 3 weeks in Peru, for which I bought this camera especially, and it was a disaster. Instead of hundreds of fantastic photos of Machu Picchu, Nazca Lines and Amazonian jungle, I have nothing. Fortunately my mate took his camera so I have some good photos, but its not the same as having your own. Initially I was sold on the G3's features, value for money and some good reviews in the camera press. However, as a first-time digital ...

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Marin Licina

A very good digital camera, perfect for me in the 3 megapixel range. Ricoh isn't very popular like Sony or Canon, but they definetley deliver. The camera is compact but not too compact, so you still can hold it well, something I like instead of the new trend of digicams so small you can't even hold them proper. It still fits in a pocket well. I liked the fact that the camera body was magnesium, instead of cheap plastic some brands use. The camera responds fast, 0.14 seconds between pressing ...

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Shane Bryan

since ditching my old Kodak DC220 last year, this is the first compact digital that ive purchased to replace it. ive only had it about 6 hours now but its VERY easy to use and Ricohs claims of "no shutter lag" seems pretty damn accurate and not the normal marketing BS. im shooting in 1280 resolution and not 2048 as all i have is the internal 8mb memory as the shop i bought it from, unfortunately were out of stock of SD or MM cards but ill buy a 128mb card for it soon. ...

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Paul Panetta

I have the S model with the black magnesium body. It has a great feel to it, sort of a rough texture and is not too heavy. Battery life is excellent with supplied L-ion battery, and when it runs out you can use 2 AA batteries. Macros are incredible (1cm in wide angle) and has easy-to-use manual focus if insufficient light for auto-focus. Some indoor/shadow shots have come out blurred but I think this is just me learning how to use it (after 2 weeks I am getting better). It can shoot 2 ...

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Dee Bolton

This is my first digital camera and I was recommended by a number of shops that the Ricoh Caplio G3 was the best value for money in my price bracket and had great features. The best feature is the macro which allows you to take photos up close (1cm) and this is the feature I use most on the camera. Problems: I find that a number of colours, eg pink/purple/yellow, do not get picked up as the true colour and therefore do not show correctly when downloaded onto the computer. I also found that ...

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Harry Williams

I bought this camera on recommendation from the local camera shop - The guy in the shop gave the usual sales pitch, but he did know his stuff. I was just after a point and shoot with good quality. This little Ricoh is a great camera. The shutter lag IS non-existant, and the battery just won't die. It has great features, like the text mode, which is great for special effects. It is really very easy to use - even my wife can use it ;) Problems: Slightly odd design, but very comfortable.

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