Ricoh Caplio R30 User Reviews

Announced Jan 10, 2006 •
5 megapixels | 2.5 screen | 28 – 160 mm (5.7×)

The one feature that made me buy this camera is the 28mm equivalent wide angle. This allows for far more creative composition. Other pluses include the excellent battery & camera power useage. I would normally automatically buy a spare battery to go with a new camera but I haven't needed to this time. It is available in black rather than the ubiquitous grey/silver. The image qualiy is perfectly adequate. I haven't done any side by side comparisons but have noticed no problems. The controls ...

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Compact with Wide Lens... Good speed of operation, fairly good picture quality for 4x6 prints. A good tradeoff of compact size and wide lens vs. image quality @ 100%. Great travel / backup camera. Fantastic macro capability. Quick access to ISO, EV comp, WB (customisable). Li-Ion battery lasts forever. Really fast to startup, focus, shoot. LCD quite good in sunlight. The 28mm lens really is fun after using other digicams with 38mm "wide" lenses. Problems: Noise at higher ISO settings - not a ...

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Very few 28mm cameras in this price bracket, let alone ones that optically zoom out to 200mm. Very small and more importantly lightweight. Easy to use with more features than you might expect for such a low cost camera. Basically does exactly what you expect for much less than you expect, worked straight out of the box (once battery charged). So far I've had over 200 pictures before a recharge (probably 25% with flash) and images at highest quality still under 2MB. I bought this over the ...

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