Ricoh Caplio 500G User Reviews

Announced May 8, 2006 •
8 megapixels | 2.5 screen | 28 – 85 mm (3×)

From the field - Some that studiotesting not always cover As for most Ricohs - Great UI. The camera operates fast and the AF is even faster than the GRD1 thanks to the active AF. Well built except for the zoom (More about that on the cons) It is also not too loud except the AF. The noise is rather grainy, clearly better than for the G600 and it look fine in B&W too. Problems: Fragile zoom though being covered. I dropped my first one on the floor from hip-height and the zoom either broke or ...

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Les Lammers

I bought this for the 28mm FOV and it has more flexibility than other water resistant P&S cameras. The optical VF is not perfect but it is better than not having one. The IQ, IMHO, is very good and the larger size makes it easy to 'find the buttons'. Relatively expensive but it has no peer. Great battery life too. I am going to put Rainex on the glass that covers the lens. Problems: None.

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Eb Just

I bought this camera for its rugged, waterproof construction to take on an expedition to Antarctica in December 06. I was very glad I did as it allowed me to take photos on bouncing, splashing Zodiacs without concern. We also had some wet and windy weather. On the way to Ushuaia for our ship's departure we went to the Iguacu falls and on one of the 2 days we had tropical downpours. The Ricoh was the only camera I could use and gave me some interesting images. A bit of judicious ...

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