Pentax Q-S1

Announced Aug 4, 2014 •
12 megapixels | 3 screen | Compact sensor
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I was toying with the idea of buying a Bridge camera like the Pano. FZ 70 primarily for portability and reach the zoom lens provides, but the Q system seems like another alternative with its small size and the ability to adapt long lenses I already have. I'm aware of the convenience of 'One lens does all' but IQ may favor the Q with higher quality lenses. Let me mention that I use several brands of cameras with their respective lenses and a collection of legacy glass, I don't need another...
By: Lobalobo (10 months ago)
Although I understand that the Q-S1 had some ergonomic and other mechanical upgrades to the Q7, has anyone noticed any change in the image quality? My concern, actually, is that the Q-S1 might be a step backwards, or a step away from, the nice film-like results I've seen in the original Q and the Q7. Thanks in advance.
Having just purchased a used OVF-1 for my original Q, and liking the experience, I'm considering upgrading to a QS-1. But my main goal is to use the optical viewfinder with the 01 Prime as a walk-around camera as I don't like composing on the back of the camera. The crop factor is greater on the original Q than on the Q7 or Q-S1 and so I wonder whether anyone has any experience using the OVF on the Q7 or Q-S1. Is it usable or are the results too much wider than the image in the finder? Thanks...
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