Pentax K-3 Mark III User Reviews

Announced Mar 30, 2021 •
26 megapixels | 3.2 screen | APS-C sensor

Lovely to use, beautiful feeling of quality in the hand. The controls are well-placed, numerous and highly customisable. Indeed the whole camera is so customisable it will take time to get the best from it. You can set up User profiles so you can switch instantly between say action and portrait – that encompasses almost all camera settings. But all previous high-end APS-C Pentaxes were thus. So what's new 1. Focussing, C-AF with the fastest lenses (I use the 55-300PLM) is emphatically ...

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(Quite surprising for a gear site/forum that there aren't more user reviews of the K-3 III here. Even more so I suppose that DPReview hasn't completed their final review of the K-3 Mark III. Maybe someone should voluntarily loan them a K-3 Mark III to finish the review up...) Anyways, with that said... The Pentax K-3 III is an incredible DSLR that has more useful features, customization, and applications for a photography tool than any other DSLR I can think of. The breadth of its complexity ...

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This is a review after shooting with the camera for a month. I took already about 8000 images with a lot of different old and modern Pentax lenses. I have extensive previous experience with Pentax K-1, K-7 and Ds but also Sony A6300. I have shot various things with the camera: mostly snapshots during a “walk around”, portraits, a bit of landscape during a few hikes, macro but also a lot of action during a swimming competition. In summary, it’s a great pleasure to use this camera! I like it ...

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