Pentax 645D

Announced Mar 10, 2010 •
40 megapixels | 3 screen | Medium format sensor

I have recently acquired the 645D along with the 45-85 and 80-160 zooms and a 150mm prime.  I am used to using a Contax 645, Mamiya RZ67 and Hasselblad H1D - each using the Hasselblad Ixpress 528C back; my decision to buy the Pentax was to eliminate the need to carry the Imacon back with its trailing cable when shooting outdoors.  The Ixpress has a native 22Mp sensor but this is uprated to 88Mp using the Multi-Shot capability that distinguishes it from the 132C back. My first impressions of ...

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This is the first digital medium format camera I have owned. I have progressed  in sensor size starting from sub APS-C Sony R1 to and APC-S camera and I still onwn a full frame Sony Alpha 850. I have been through many lenses in my searcrch for image quality. My past film experience saw me using a Mamiya Press (6cm x 9cm), 6x6 TLR and 35mm. There is some of talk about high end FF digital cameras such as the Nikon D800 equalling the Pentax 645d. There is some talk of the Sigma Merrill sensor ...

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Back in the late 80s I seriously started to pursue landscape photography. I had been impressed with large fine art gallery prints that caught my eye and I wanted to be able to create those same types of images for myself. After six months with 35mm I knew it was a dead end for me. I jumped to a Pentax 67 and never looked back. As I got more into backpacking and hiking to locations that were sometimes physically demanding, I decided I wanted to give the Pentax 645n a try and I did, ultimately ...

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-huge sensor size, comparing with 35mm cameras (but still a crop-camera in terms of 645 film) -killer resolution 40 Mpix -very affordable price - under 10.000$. Pentax 645D retire Leica S2 (which is using the same sensor) in terms of price (more than double price over Pentax. No comments.) -rock-solid body with weather-sealing -superb ergonomics (I can assure you as a former Nikon-fanatic. And Nikon always produces top-notch cameras in terms of ergonomics) -not so big weight, if we compare ...

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