Pentax smc DA 18-135mm F3.5-5.6ED AL [IF] DC WR User Reviews

Announced Sep 20, 2010 •
Lens | Pentax KAF3 | 21977

This is an update of my 2015 review . Though the lens is not new, I think this review may be helpful, as this lens is one of these proposed bundled with new Pentax DSLRs, and it got mixed reviews on the web. Though I now have several better lenses, including the DA limiteds ((see my gear list), DA 18-135 is my most used lens since I got it bundled with K30 3 years ago . It is not the best lens around, there are better more specialized zooms or primes, but it is a Jack of all trades that ...

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This lens is my favorite all-in-one travel lens: very convenient focal range from WA to real telephoto (135mm is 200mm FF equivalente), WR, buit like a tank, quick an silent AF. The DA 18-135 is very sharp in the center at all focal length, with excellent colour rendition and contrast. It is very compact, much smaller and lighter than the DA 17-70 or the new and much praised DA 16-85. But a superzoom needs compromises between size, price and IQ. As for the DA 18-135, the price to pay for ...

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I spent couple weeks over the Christmas and New Year break in a several rainy locations. Knowing the rainy weather, I bought this lens just for the occasion. On bench tests, it is decent but not as good as the Tamron 17-50. However, in actual use, it was great. I used it with a K-5 IIs and this combination was perfect when many people had to shield their cameras. One even commented that I was ruining my camera but I just laughed at him. I used it mainly as a walk-around lens, the focal length ...

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Useful universal lens. Sharp center even with open aperture. Borders need some F5.6-F8 across the range. Extreme borders - about 200pix aroud borders - not pleasing. Focuses fast, good contrast, can focus closely, bokeh quite good, sealed, not big, not heavy, 7 aperture blades.. nicely matches K-5 body as multi-purpose all-in-one lens. Problems: Hard to focus manually as there is no scale on ring.

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