Pentax smc DA* 16-50mm F2.8 ED AL (IF) SDM User Reviews

Announced Feb 21, 2007 •
Zoom lens | Pentax KAF2 | 21650

I own this lens now for several years. SDM works pretty well. A friend of mine got his SDM replaced an since then also his lens works fine. From wide open (F/2.8) to stopped down this lens gives very very sharp images. Wide open, there is - especially at 16mm - some softness in the corner, but it is way better than what you can see from lots of other wide aperture wide angle zooms. At harsh contrasts against bright light, there is the tendency to blue CA, which can normally be easily ...

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I bought this DA * lens from Pentax for a very competitive price on ebay to use it on my K3-II. The lens had been on my wish list for some time. When I was able to buy it with a bid of € 200.00, I immediately took the opportunity. Until then I used the Pentax DA 16-85 lens. I was very satisfied with that. But now that I use the DA * 16-50 lens, I can see the difference. The photos are really beautiful. The sharpness and detail reproduction is very high. In the middle from f2.8. The sides from ...

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This lens produces excellent contrast and color rendition. The weather-resistant sealing really works, as the lens held up in wet (Colorado River) and dusty (Antelope Canyon, Arizona) conditions. There is, however, a QC issue as it took me a few returns before I got a keeper. This lens is so good, it was worth a little hassle. (this is my review from March, 2008)

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