Pentax Optio W80 User Reviews

Announced Jun 25, 2009 •
12 megapixels | 2.5 screen | 28 – 140 mm (5×)

Bought it as a replacement to Pentax M20 that got damaged while skating. It has the same sensor as the w90 which as of now is about £100 more expensive. Got the camera for £130 which is good deal for a water proof camera. I did go through the camera review here and it didn't seem good. I'm using it as a secondary camera. its good for outdoor daytime. indoor is reasonable at ISO 400 without flash. if you've accidentally deleted pics, you can recover them as long as you haven't taken any new ...

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Very nica P&S with no manual or priority exposition but a lot of programs and manual control over a lot of parameters instead. Slim and light but very sturdy. Lens is protected by a fixed glass that is slightly arretrated to protect it from scratches. Lens is sharp and versatile and resolution is fine. Some evident barrel distortion at wide end of the lens. There is a high amount of noise in pictures, even at 400 ISO, easy to filter in PS anyway. Not a real problem if you do even a minimal ...

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I bought this camera in duty-free outbound to the Maldives, and was willing to risk wasting £120 given the cost of going there in the first place. All in all it was a risk worth taking. I own DSLRs and use those for proper photos, but there's no way I was going to be spending the thousands required for DSLR cases and underwater lighting when all I wanted was some half-decent photo and video while snorkelling... and in that regard the Pentax came up trumps. Would I recommend it as a primary ...

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I used this camera for a race/challenge that involved mud, dirty water, fire, snow and a lot of climbing. It got knocked around quite a bit and not only survived but my pictures are beautiful. The need to make sure your setting is correct for your current lighting conditions but it is not only easy to do, it's great that the settings don't automatically reset when you turn it off. I've used it a lot on the beach, in the water and for regular photos and every photo is sharp with great ...

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Patrick Watson

For the price at $180.00 from adorama it is a great camera. Very clear images at low ISO, video is OK but not great but when you factor you can use it in any weather condition it is a very good value. Has intervalometer built in for both still and video worth the price of camera alone. Size is great. Also Pentax gives you a great printed manual that details ALL the great features. Problems: Read manual. Keep ISO low.

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I bought this after I dropped my Canon TX1 thinking drop proof would be good. My Canon had 7.1 megapixels so I figured the 12.1 megapixel would at the very least take as good a pictures. I knew the zoom would be half of what I was used to, but it still video taped in HD 6:9 so it should at the very least have equal video quality. HOW VERY WRONG I WAS! My broken camera with serious focus issues took some amazing video at a concert where this camera took extraordinarily noisy video. I tested ...

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Jared Baker

Camera jam packed with lots of features I wanted in a take everywhere / do everything camera for my active lifestyle of canoeing, camping, skiing, hiking, etc. All-weather, High resolution, 5x optical, IS, 720p video, 3:2 aspect, interval shooting, etc... It's a great camera when my activities can't afford the weight of my DSLR gear, but it is by no means any kind of replacement. Problems: - 720p video is shot in motion jpeg instead of avc/h.264 which is a bummer - grain visible even at iso 64 ...

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