Pentax Optio W60

Announced May 23, 2008 •
10 megapixels | 2.5 screen | 28 – 140 mm (5×)

Had it over a year now, overall satisfied. Not good in low light, but I bought it for outdoor action photos so not really a problem for me. Low light pictures are very grainy. Decided on this one over Olympus as for same price it had a few more features I liked. However not shockproof, and casing is just plastic. Part of it broke (my fault) which meant the battery/card hatch could move slightly, didn't reallise and when swimming one time a bit of water leaked in, took 1.5 months to come back ...

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Pawel Mazur

I bought this camera for AU$299. My impression is that if it wasn't waterproof it would sell for about $100, maybe $150. I played with it for few hours after the purchase and the next morning it went back to the store for a refund. First impressions: slow and hard to operate. Buttons are small and not well placed, it is difficult to hold it with one hand only, so think about long time snorkeling in this context... And you get this feeling that there is always a little lag between what you do ...

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I purchased the Pentax Optio W60 just over a week ago when the sales person assured me it would be a good replacement for my Canon Ixus400 which had finally "given up the ghost". I had intended purchasing a Fugifilm F100fd. I told the salesperson that I wanted something with the picture quality of the Canon. The Pentax is very easy to use, has some great features but the picture quality is very poor. Pictures are not sharp and are pixellalted. Also, it is very hard to use outside in bright ...

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The W60 is a nice, little, well built camera with weatherproof features (I've taken it in a pool and it survived). However it is missing some features and has some performance quirks that would make me look elsewhere if I didn't want it for outdoor sports in inclement conditions. In auto ISO the W60 tends to select the max ISO possible which results in noisy pics (although better than the Olympus 1030SW--see the camera Compare Sample Images tool at However it is ...

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I had been using the W10 originally bought for my son. Being quite impressed with this carry-everywhere, rain-proof, pool-proof camera, it was a natural choice to get the W60. A ton of features have been added or extended, mostly for good. As a camera that can live in my pocket everywhere I go 24/7, its passable. As with the W10, the macro on the W60 is impressive and they've added a 1cm mode for extreme close-ups. My first impression has been, after some pixel peeping, that the image quality ...

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Good for underwater. Use something else for normal shots. I had this camera for a test drive. For an underwater compact camera this one is fine. Not great but fine. Image quality does not stand a chance compared with any of the Canon Ixus. However, I don't like the clumsy underwater housing for Ixus, so I've been looking for a camera like this to have with my fishing gear. Olympus has a few cameras in this category, but I don't like xD memory card format. IQ of Oly and W60 is similar. ISO 50 ...

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