Pentax Optio W20

Announced Aug 7, 2006 •
7 megapixels | 2.5 screen | 38 – 114 mm (3×)

Ease of use and features have made this my "go-everywhere" camera. It rides very nicely in my shirt pocket, even more comfortably than some cameras that are smaller and lighter (e.g., my Contax i4R). Its water-proof design allows me to not worry about rain or sweat-soaked shirts and hands. Its comprehensive memory functions and ability to assign various shooting parameters to the "green button" (rather than having to go through the menu) make customizing how it shoots very easy (I ...

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Bought the W20 to complement by Canon 20D. It's a lot of FUN, in and out of the water, and the camera is always there (remember Photo Rule #1) because it fits in your pocket! I took it on vacation in Mexico, including snorkeling. We took everything from "self portraits" to underwater movies. Yesterday it came skiing with us. Ever lugged an SLR while skiing? It has lots of "modes" that remind me of how the SLR should be set for certain shots. 4x6 pictures are fine, even those extracted ...

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Ross Alford

This is a really excellent camera. I have owned Optio 33WR, 43 WR, and now the W20. The intervening models deleted some features that I use and need, but they were restored on the W20. I use it for general carry-around outdoors photos and particularly for macro shots. For that use, it's great. Brilliant macros down to 1 cm from the lens, with a special soft flash mode so you can use flash with macro. Waterproof, extremely high image quality at ISO 64 and 100, and maybe even 200, quite ...

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This camera is rather large and heavy for a compact camera, but no doubt this is necessary to make it waterproof. The image quality is excellent for such a small sensor. Noise levels are quite low. This camera does not have image stabalisation, which is a shame. Problems: Because of the waterproofing (presumably) the buttons are a little stiff. This is not a cheep camera, but the picture quality and versatility I think make it worthwhile.

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