Pentax Optio W10

Announced Feb 15, 2006 •
6 megapixels | 2.5 screen | 38 – 114 mm (3×)

Disappointing camera. I've taken some pretty good canoe and kayak pictures with my old Olympus C-5050 and a waterproof case. However it's heavy and bulky, it's only 5 MP, the LCD is small, and shutter lag is about 1 second. Having seen favorable reviews of the Pentax W10, I decided it's time to enjoy the convenience of a pocket sized 6MP waterproof camera. It is waterproof. I tested that in the sink. It does not float. Autofocus struggles in low light. In program mode the slowest shutter ...

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Excellent waterproof camera. Takes nice snapshot photos, is light and easy to carry around. Allows for lots of control of the camera functions, but also has many preset modes for those looking to just point and shoot. Was initially worried about the battery door cover being flimsy, but since it locks, it is secure and holds out water very well. Was also worried about the plastic (?) lens protector but it is very scratch resistant and easy to wipe off. I had it in the pocket of my board ...

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I've had the W10 for a few weeks and I'm impressed, even though I haven't had opportunity to try underwater photography yet. The most impressing feature of this camera so far is it's superb and extreme macro mode. I'm able to make photos that require a full set of extension rings on my old and trustworthy Pentax LX SLR. Having always been fond of closeup photography of flowers, insects etc., this was a very welcome suprise feature to me (well, I knew it had a good macro, but I had no idea it ...

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Whaou ! My camera so far ! I have a Casio S500, a Fuji F30 and the Pentax W10. In bright light, the Pentax is the best of my 3 cameras. The lens is excellent, nearly no purple fringing, perfect exposure. Pictures looks really great ! Of course, in low light, the F30 is better but in bright light, the W10 wins to my eyes. W10 Iso400 is very usable. The pictures look very natural, processing is very subtle. Histogram also displays zone of highlight & lowlight : Great feature because then you ...

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My WP was stolen after using it for 6 months. I replaced it with a W10 last week and am immediately impressed with the improved picture clarity of the W10 over the WP. Problems: The menu "tools" section is a little obscure to find. Reading the instructions didn't help me as fast as the camera store personnel.

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Anyone that plans on ever taking a photo outdoors should buy this camera. Whether beginer or expert the most important function of a camera is that it actually works. Pentax has designed a revolutionary camera, waterproof and dust proof. All cameras should followtheir lead. This is my 5th digital camera. The rest including film cameras have been ruined by rain, dust, sand, and due to being dropped in the water. Good photos, easy to use, great camera. I will buy other cameras for things like ...

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Amnon G

A cool little camera that can go almost anywhere. I bought this as a camera to complement my Canon Digital Rebel XT - water proof, compact, movie mode, etc. I really like it and the features. Quality is very good - even 400iso is usable most of the time. Biggest gripe - I WANT 3:2 mode. Why is it so difficult for a camera manufacturer such as Pentax that image printing services still mostly do 2:3? It's like the simplest feature to implement! Way simpler than face recognition or following focus.

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