Pentax Optio T20

Announced Sep 13, 2006 •
7 megapixels | 3 screen | 38 – 113 mm (3×)

I have been using this camera on my travels for 10 months now and am very happy with the results. The interface is very intuative making the camera quick and easy to use. The program mode gives a good number of options for those shots that the automatice settings don't get quite right. I have found the image quality to be perfectly good enough for printing up to A4 size and viewing on a PC. The best feature of this camera is its size. It fits into a pocket like a phone so it's always to hand ...

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Having owned a few compact pentax cameras in the past I didn't expect to be disappointed on this occassion. However this must be the worst compact I have ever taken a picture with. The battery cover keeps sliding open when holding the camera. It freezes up on many occassions after taking a picture (the only way I found to fix this is to pop open the battery cover and remove the SD card - however there is a risk of losing all your photos on the card doing this) The picure quality was terrible ...

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What a HUGE disappointment. My company recently supplied me with this camera to use on a daily basis for my job. I'm a rabid fan of my Pentax istDS, and have been using Pentax point and shoots for my job for the past five years. Unfortunately, this is the worst to come along. It's a great looking little camera with a big beautiful touch screen, so what's the problem? 1) The screen freezes during focus lock. I can't begin to explain how annoying this is. You need to recompose every shot ...

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