Pentax Optio S7

Announced Jul 24, 2006 •
7 megapixels | 2.5 screen | 38 – 113 mm (3×)
Tom Caldwell

Cheap and cheerful, what else would you expect at the price - we can't be serious about expecting miracles from a camera that is effectively sold as a near disposable price-level camera for knockabout use. If you want a truly great little camera then you can get one if you are willing to pay more money for it. So lets get realistic - an average camera at a below average price - does the job but don't expect photographic miracles. I am not about to pay big dollars for a camera that disappears ...

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If you like features you might like this camera but thats were it stops. This was my second Pentax and picture quality is poor. I had returned my first thinking there has to be something wrong with it. No. This one was just the same. Poor picture quality. Also the battery which is rechargable is only good for about 150 pics. It might seem like a lot but the battery indicator falls after about 20 pics fully charged. If you like features and don't care about picture quality or charging a ...

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I bought this camera because it was on special, and I had previously seen good reviews. My enthusiasm continued as I explored the featurs, construction, and ease of use of the controls. I was using the Canon IXUS 60 as a comparison, as I have borrowed this model on many occasions. I found the S7 superior to the Canon in menu system, location of controls, and movie mode. Unfortunately these initial impressions amounted to nought when I attempted to compose shots in full sunlight - the image ...

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I bought this camera purely for its size and price (less that £150 for a 7mpxl camera). My single purpose was to have a camera I could have in my pocket every day and document things I might see so my expectations were already low. Build quality is ok. I also have a Lumix DMC-FX7 which is far a superior camera both in build and imaging and I'm basing my findings using that camera as a comparison. I find that the S7 feels a bit cheap. Its very light, as is basically contructed from cast ...

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