Pentax Optio S55 User Reviews

Announced May 11, 2005 •
5 megapixels | 2.5 screen | 36 – 107 mm (3×)
wandi guidolin

I bought a Pentax s55 without thinking too much. This camera is easy to use. Images are in average comparable to other cameras on this segment of cost. But.... Problems: ... I did not imagine that this camera eats batteries with an extraordinary speed. Unbelievable! So you must pay attention. Buy (if you like it) at least 5 couples of rechargeable batteries if you want to make at least 300 snapshots. Good luck! Pentax in the past was better, now is loosing .... image.

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As a " mature" novice I am currently trying several digicams. The Pentax has 3 POF's before software(1) eats batteries due to large LCD; (2) double flash (which is not advertised) and, "buttons are easily inadventently hit when handling. Problems: 3 above and the lack of a viewfinder turned me off. The software description was enough to dissuade me from loading it.

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After doing a lot of research I bought this camera. I must say that this is an excellent liitle digicam. It's not as small as some of the ultracompact models around but it easily fits in my jean's pockets and is easy to carry around. The image quality is very good in my unprofessional opinion. Indoor pictures with flash are also very good compared to some of the other compact cameras that I've used before. Although I find some of the indoor pictures taken with flash to be a litle grainy, I ...

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