Pentax Optio M30 User Reviews

Announced Jan 23, 2007 •
7 megapixels | 2.5 screen | 38 – 114 mm (3×)

I picked this up specifically for carrying around in my pocket so I could have a decent camera to catch anything random that I may miss otherwise. It has surprised me in a good way. Highlights for me - compact, fits in my pocket - good price point - $179 at costco - iso 3200 (extremely noisy, but it's great to give the user the option!) - movie mode does 640x480 @ 30fps and allows zooming and does exposure compensation on the fly. Movie size limited only to available space on your SD card. ...

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I have just gotten the pentax optio m30 while shopping for a camera last friday. Had some hands on with various cameras and eventually settled on this. What I really like, the brushed metal construction is real sweet and classy. Highest ISO3200 is amazing too. I was torn between Nikon P5000 and Pentax Optio M30, but a test shot swerved me towards pentax. Nikon's though was 10mp, image quality didnt better that of pentax and the lens of pentax optio m30 was glass instead of plastic and with ...

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