Pentax Optio E20

Announced Sep 13, 2006 •
6 megapixels | 2.4 screen | 34 – 102 mm (3×)
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By: deep7 (5 months ago)
Posted to: Olympus SLR Talk
Last week, I bought a lovely old Olympus E20 from my neighbour for a token price. It's a technically very interesting camera and would be a lot of fun, except for a minor issue with the batteries. Reviews at the time said people were getting 1-200 shots from NiMH AA batteries. Mine pretty much doesn't work at all on NiMH batteries, even when they are freshly charged.  It works fine on ordinary alkaline AA batteries, until the cell voltage drops to 1.45 Volts, at which point it dies.  I note...
Hi folks Here's the deal, I went into Jessops here in the UK to buy a new camera (Nikon D750), lens and a few bits and pieces. They currently have a deal on the camera offering at least £150 trade in for any old DSLR, so I took my old Olympus E20p in to part exchange. The staff and manager insist that this particular camera isn't a DSLR, but everywhere I've read (reviews, specifications etc) it says that it IS a DSLR. So the simple question is, who's right, all the documentation I've read...
Years ago, in 2000 our studio went digital using an Olympus E10 (4mpxl) and the following year an E20 (5mpxl).  We discovered great care was necessary to keep an eye "very" close to the Viewfinder.  It didn't take long during Light table editing to notice uneven exposures.  Many cameras have had the issue of light affecting metering.  But the split prism design of the time had a serious issue with potentially light striking the imager 100% of the time.  It did state in the instruction manual...
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