Pentax Optio A30

Announced Feb 21, 2007 •
10 megapixels | 2.5 screen | 38 – 114 mm (3×)

This is a great camera, especially given the price it's sold for these days (got mine for 230 euros). The Pentax menu system is so intuitive, after a short while you browse through it and find the best settings for your shot in no time. Image quality is way above average. The SR does actually work, unlike for example in a Sony DSC-T10 I used to have. The camera also comes with an interesting after-shot Red eye reduction which actually works very well. There are tons of more editing tools ...

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My opinion on this PENTAX is quite related to my needs: - macro photography of bugs for entomology purpose - social pictures with low lights - family pictures with "turbulent" kids. For all these purpose the PENTAX performs quite well to my opinion. I'm not a big specialist, but I found the image stabilization to be quite effective, the iso 800 mode not too noisy (although not really usefull for me, low light at 400 are OK for me...). My wife had pleasure to find the same set up for functions ...

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I am an owner of Sony F828 and Panasonic FZ30. I bring the 828 for oversea travelling and FZ30 for local candy shots. I bought the A30 because it can be carried comfortably in my pocket without carrying any bag. I am surprisingly happy that the image quality this small camera produced is same or higher than the two prosumers at low ISO value and apparently defeats them at higher settings. At higher ISO, the noise remained are tiny black and white dots. They can be easily removed using the ...

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Extremely small and compact, solid build. Outdoor pictures extremely sharp with nice colour. The camera is super fast. Indoor pictures are good due to anti shake, even without flash. Some noice but not too bad. A perfect "party camera". Its a keeper. Problems: The quality of the movies are really bad. Battery life could be better but ok for such a small model.

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Excellent image stabilization performance, (images were surprisingly stable during video mode & while walking). Easy to use scene modes. Night scenes didn't turn out too bad at all for a little cam. Just use a tripod. Pet modes very useful, although not quite quick enough with focusing for my quick four-legged friends. Extra features on playback mode were great extras, such as cropping, digital and color filter. Can take my finger print on super macro mode. Histogram great for ...

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