Pentax Optio 550

Announced Feb 18, 2003 •
5 megapixels | 1.5 screen | 38 – 188 mm (5×)
Rich Webster

I am truely stunned by this little camera. I'm used to my Canon Powershot G3, but wanted something smaller for my pocket, but still with all the manual features for that extra bit of control over the shot when you need it. This little baby has features bursting at the brim! Of course, its not the features that are really important, its the image quality. I'm very very impressed with the 550 - I see very little digital noise (except at ISO > 200), and no 'purple hue' around fine detail, ...

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Dave N !

Wow! After upgrading from my Optio 330 which I loved (and still have!) this 550 is simply stunning. Vibrant sharp pictures and what a zoom lens. This lens is awesome I can get nice and close and no-body knows! I didnt realise how many features this camera has got but everything that I have tried works really well and the controls are easy to understand. The handbook is clear and the battery life is very good. I have found that my 330 batteries will work in the 550 which is great. Indoor ...

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The features on this camera are endless and they all seem to work well. As other reviews stated, outdoor photography with this camera is effortless and the results are outstanding. Tried most picture modes except snow and fireworks and they performed admirably. The 5X zoom functions smoothly and at full telephoto transfers to digital seamlessly. All control buttons and menu are VERY easy to use. Everything is quick to find and easy to change. All the colored filters work well and "soft" ...

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Jim Kaniclides

I've had this camera for a week and plan to return it. It seemed like the perfect camera - 5mp, 5x optical zoom, and compact. However, image quality on indoor shots is very poor and the auto focus in low light seemd a bit tempermental. Outdoor shots were excellect; however, with a 6 month old child as my primary photo object, I need a much better low light/indoor camera. I also tested the Cannon s400 for a week and believe it is a better option for me.

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I received my Pentax 550 about 5 days ago and I have put it through several tests. I have shot several hundred snaps and it many difficult situations. The camera really performed well. I have owned several digital cameras over the last couple of years and I like this one the best. Boy the 5x zoom is a life saver for hard to reach shots. The bottom line is there are common problems with all ultra-mini digicams: Flash power, noise above speed 200, possibly your nose hitting the LCD etc. ...

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Only had camera for a few days and I love it so far --construction is great and 5x zoom is what I have been wishing for as I only had 3x before and many times needed more-5mp gives large file but with large hard drive who cares and with a 2.0 usb card reader they down load very fast. shutter lag is short--very very good--batt seems to give good life but with messing around I don't have a exact pic count--movie clips are ok but would be nice to have 640x480--controls seam to be user friendly ...

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