Pentax Optio 450

Announced Feb 18, 2003 •
4 megapixels | 1.5 screen | 38 – 188 mm (5×)

By far the best digital camera I have used to date. It seems to have most of the features as our Canon G2 with the exception of the added flash and takes pictures that are as good if not better! I have seen reviews that complain of the time it takes to power on and the picture quality at night. I have taken pictures inside my garage of my car both with the lights on and without (in near pitch black) and the only difference I've noticed is I got a little more reflection off my roof with ...

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I really tested this camera out the first two days I had it as I wasn't going to keep it if it was crap. We have printed a number of the many pictures we took and was not dissappointed with any of them. There is no noticable noise, the colours are spectacular, the 5 x zoom for such a compact camera is excellent, all the modes and features, it just does it all. Movie mode is good but can generate some big file sizes. One of the best assets of this camera is the software. Easy to use, quick ...

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