Pentax Optio 33L

Announced Feb 18, 2003 •
3 megapixels | 1.5 screen | 38 – 114 mm (3×)
Bruce Marshall

I have a G2 but bought the 33L for carrying in a jacket pocket to use while motorcycling & trailriding. Previously I used an Ixus/Elf for this but found it too small/fiddly. After a few months use the 33L suits me in all respects for this purpose EXCEPT the screen Vs viewfinder thing (see below). Problems: The lack of optical viewfinder is a major PITA in outdoors bright sunlight such that I have GREAT difficulty composing landscape shots. For this reason the unit comes with a clip-in screen ...

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Mr Photoshop

I bought this camera as a carry around. The best feature is the swivel and tilt viewfinder that can even be turned around for self portraits. This camera produces very nice pictures, as good as my Canon G3 and at half the cost I find this to be a real bargain. My only wish would be it had a 2.0 lens. Problems: none

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This camera was the last result of buying digital cameras and going back and forth to the store to trade for another. I was unsatisified with certain draw backs I just couldn't live with that most digital cameras had. For instance. I purchased a fujifilm finepix 6x zoom 3800 camera. I found the macro quality to be excellent, but the camera's lcd screen was HORRIBLE in low light conditions, that also meant I could not take pictures properly inside the house. There were other negatives, but ...

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I am frankly surprised to see that so many people opted for the smaller Optio S, even with the obvious advantages over the 33l. My 33l didn't come cheap - bought it for just under 400 EURO in Israel, but later found out that I have to pay 33% of the price to get it into Serbia & Montenegro! But, once I started using it, I quickly forgot those problems - 33l is small, compact, and so easy to use, it makes a perfect entry level camera, with some advanced features that make limited professional ...

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Excellent successor to the 330gs for under $300. Works flawlessly. While it has all the programs you will ever need , it is a very functional 3.3mp point & shoot camera that is fun and easy to use. The rotating lcd is ingenious and ,when not in use, folds into the camera for protection. good flash, built in filters,infinity landscape mode are only a few of the neat features. Great carry anywhere camera, Just put in the batteries and card and have fun. Problems: LCD only with No viewfinder ...

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