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Established: 1919
Country: Japan
First digital camera: EI-C90, 1997
Active in the consumer photography market since 1952 (when it introduced the first ever Japanese 35mm SLR), Pentax entered the digital camera market in 1997 with the unique EI-C90 (which came in two halves, allowing it to be used without the LCD screen). Today Pentax offers a range of (mostly fairly simple, but pretty) compacts under the Optio brand, including several waterproof models, and a couple of superzooms, but struggles against the market leaders. Its DSLR range, started in 2003, may be not be the largest, but contains several award-winners and plenty of innovative features (plus, some models are available in a range of lurid colors). Pentax also offers the 645D, a 40 megapixel medium format SLR system.
Pentax has failed to make much of a mark with its Optio range of point and shoot compacts, though the current range contains some of the strongest models it has introduced in many years.
Pentax offers a wide range of lenses including probably the most complete selection of pancakes and primes designed specifically for APS-C bodies, though only the latest SDM models have built-in ultrasonic motors (these won’t work with older bodies).

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