Panasonic Leica D Vario-Elmar 14-150mm F3.5-5.6 Asph Mega OIS

Announced Mar 7, 2007 •
Lens | Four Thirds | L-RS014150

For many years I used a Canon 28-300L lens on a Canon 1Ds MkII - together they weighed a ton. I recently purchased an Olympus OMD EM-1 and managed to get this lens on ebay with an Olympus adaptor for micro 4/3rds. The results are as good if not better than with the Canon combination, but the camera and lens weigh a third of the Canon combination and are much more portable. This Leica lens really is astonishingly good and it's a shame it isn't updated for the burgeoning selection of micro ...

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This sadly discontinued 4/3 zoom is very rare lens as travel/superzoom which was actually designed to be optically very good instead of cheap and too small. It's fully usefull at all focal lengths and apertures (check Photozone) what can't be said even from mighty sized&heavy Canon EF 28-300mm L. Also geometric distortions and vignetting are better controlled than in other same range zooms. While size and weight aren't smaller than APS-C zooms that's only because those are simply way too ...

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I never cared for this lens (I never liked super-zoom lenses because of the mediocre quality) untill a friend of mine (who uses an E-3) lent me his copy together with his camera for a day. At that time I was using an S3pro and could make a comparison with the highly acclaimed Nikkor 18-200VR lent to me by another friend (having friends which are photographers is a bless. ;) ) Long story short: the results of the Leica-D blows the 18-200VR out of the water, and some months later I switched ...

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