Panasonic Leica Summilux DG 25mm F1.4

Announced Jun 13, 2011 •
Prime lens | Micro Four Thirds | L-X025

The Panasonic Leica 25mm f/1.4 received much praise for its sharpness and "Leica look" upon its release in 2011. I attempted to buy one the next year, but was deterred by the infamous rattlesnake noise made by this lens's rapidly-adjusting aperture blades on my Olympus E-P3 camera. The price was also pretty horrendous (like most lenses associated with the Leica name). However, when the chance arrived to buy a second-hand one for NZD $325 (USD $225) earlier this year, I couldn't resist. The ...

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D Horne

I was a heavy user of the 20mm 1.7 (mk I) on my Panasonic GX7 for candid and street photography, and I really loved it. However, I tried using this combo at an indoor event where the light wasn't as bright as daytime outdoors, and I kept missing shots because the lens focuses poorly in low light. I now use the Summilux 25mm, and the speed improvements are out of this world. The colours are much nicer too. It is large on a GX7, but I've since upgraded to a GX8 and the size match is about right.

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Although slightly soft wide-open, it's pretty well razor-sharp by one stop down, and the speed is still phenomenal. I have this on an Olympus FT E-series camera, which requires locking the lens in the "A" position, in which is works well, using the camera's controls. Panasonic Leica Summalux DG 25mmf1.4 at f1.4 Panasonic Leica Summalux DG 25mmf1.4 at f2.0

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I have the pana 20mm 1.7 which I bought for its sharpness and compact size.  The 20mm turned out to be a disappointment due to its slow focusing making it useless in low light.  I bought the 25mm hoping for something better and discover if having Leica written on the lens was worth paying a premium. After a week of shooting I am convinced I made the right purchase.  Very solid build, comes with a nice lens hood, internal focussing is fast (as fast as the oly 45mm 1.8 and kit 14-42 MSC) and I ...

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As an old Leica M user, I was waiting for a combination of camera/lens that would give me a digital Leica experience without the cost/weight problems. I found that in the GX1 coupled with this lens. The results are nothing short of extraordinary. Pinpoint sharpness- vibrant colour and relatively light weight. I use the lens on all my G series digicams (G1, G3, GF1, GX1) and regret that I cannot use it with all my digicams. I have a friend in the Boston area who has the same combination and ...

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