Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX7

Announced Jul 18, 2012 •
10 megapixels | 3 screen | 24 – 90 mm (3.8×)
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This is probably a daft question,, but I'll ask it anyway. So many of you guys know & understand the technical side of photography far more than I do, or ever will, so some help please with this. I've included a few interior shots all taken with my LX7 from a recent visit to Mallorca. Now,, and its my view,, I don't think / feel the LX7 did as well as it has & can do, but I also feel it may be me more so than the camera. The LX7 is set to max iso 400. Now the question is this (at last) Would...
Have the LX7 for a jacket pocketable carry around camera. Use it in many places and it works well. Do the LX100 or other similar cameras produce images that are 'technically better'? Any improvements in the images that can actually be seen in print or larger on-screen use? I like the little camera. Have since the LX3 and that is why I have moved up from time to time. It complements my Canon 1D series bodies which are intimidating when you bring them into a restaurant. The LX7 sits on a water...
Looking to "upgrade" from my compacts and buy the A6000 but unsure as to which lenses to buy, I wondered if you owners / users could point me in the right direction with some suggestions. The camera will be mainly used for holidays and days out, more wide shots than telephoto. My LX7 24-90 gets a lot of use. I also love taking Church interior / stained glass shots & close up flower shots, Any help or suggestions would be great. Roland. "" I'm a...
Hi guys, Its my first time on here and I'd like to ask you a question please. Been a "compact" guy for years, currently carrying and using a combo of LX7 & TZ70 with the LX7 getting 95% of the work, the 24-90 lens suits just fine. Looking / thinking of changing  to a Sony A6000 with just a couple of lenses, and most of my photography is holidays / days out etc,   but do love my flower photography and Churches / stained glass shots. The question is (at last)  will the Sony kit lens with its...
This is what I have: LX100, LX7, ZS50 and Olympus TG-5. I would really like to thin this 4 camera fleet and have just one M43 body + lenses  without loosing much capability. Is there any affordable M43 lens to get close to the 30X zoom of the ZS50.  (I love this incredible zoom) . Is there any M43 lens that can come close to the 1-4X Super Macro/Microscope mode of the TG-5? I'm willing to keep the TG-5 as a dedicated Super Macro camera if I could consolidate the other 3. TIA
By: rolandb (1 month ago)
Hi guys, Looking to maybe "move up" from my compact "combo" of LX7 & TZ70 and to take my photography a bit more seriously so,,, the questions are,, Any of you guys use a GX7, if so how do you rate it. Also,, is there a difference between the 14-42 3.5-5.6 ii ASPH & OIS lens ? or are they in fact the same lens ? Looking to shot mainly days out / holidays. Church interiors / stained glass,, flowers. Any help / info would be greatly appreciated. Roland. ""...
I really miss this forum and want to be an active participant again. Being a purist, I prefer when posting pics here, that they come from a Panny. My only Panny is the LX7, which has not only been commandeered by my wife, but I want as a minimum, something with a 4/3 sensor. My first thought was the LX100, but am concerned with the sensor dust problems. My other requirements are a smaller footprint than a DSLR for street photography "stealth", and an EVF. Suggestions can include older models....
Hi guys,, Just back from a week in Mallorca and I wondered if any of you could answer a question for me please. Now, I'm not much good at stitching shots together with my getting more "misses" than "hits" when I've tried before (hence the reason I don't do many),, so the question is this,, This is a 9 frame pano stitched using Panorama Pro 4 from Arcsoft and although I'm kind of pleased with it,, can any of you tell me why there are lines on the right hand side ?. 9 Frames taken with the...
By: KCHAWK (2 months ago)
I am trying to capture stained glass windows from inside churches.  Having trouble avoiding blowouts.  Cold someone remind me of proper technique.  Using lx7 in A mode, Iso 80, various apertures,  ev down to -1 ev. --LarryBlessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape
I plan to replace my Sony HX9v with something more ambitious. Size should be not too much bigger but I will probably use a belt pouch anyway. Now, when I read the Imaging Resource review, the LX7 get 5 points out of 5. However, when checking the house poster and the still life at ISO400, I'd say, the XZ-2 comes out on top, with the LX7 and MX-1 second. Maybe I'm wrong but this is my impression. So, can some LX7'ers out there tell me the actual score in real life shooting? When is the LX7 good...
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