Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS42

Announced Apr 17, 2009 •
10 megapixels | 2.5 screen | 33 – 132 mm (4×)

Alot of good has to be said about this camera, in Belgium this is easly the best camera under €100, i give u some reasons why to buy this instead of another camera of the same pricerange. -Lens 4x zoom 33-132mm vs 3x zoom 35-105mm this doesn't sound much but its alot wider and alot further than it looks. -Widescreen video 848x480 video vs 640x480, easly said this means is that u can view it on a widescreen without having black borders. -Battery; it's an accu that u get with it and i got some ...

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This opinion is on FS4. This camera is almost good for my mother in law. I did not try the A480 but I have the feeling it is a better camera. I have chosen this one over A480 for its wide filming format. Problems: 1. Cannot set White Balance (bug?). If you select the manual white balance and then press menu/set (as explained in the user manual) nothing happens: the interface returns to the previous screen; no setting screen is displayed. I have reset the camera but I got the same result. The ...

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