Olympus E-420 (EVOLT E-420)

Announced Mar 5, 2008 •
10 megapixels | 2.7 screen | Four Thirds sensor

I have had this camera for one month. I have been concerned by the soft images produced, but have waited to be sure that my opinion can be justified. Well yesterday, I compared this "2009 camera" to my 2002 Olympus C-4000 ZOOM Camedia a FOUR mega pixel compact. Guess what? The C-4000 produces many images that are sharper than the E420. Also the E420 reminded me of the C-4000 with its over exposure. Plus one stop, seems to be normal. I also have a Pentax *ist DL2, also reviewed on this site. ...

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I had looked at the Oly420 against the Nikon D60, Rebel XSI and Leica DLux3 (Panasonic Lumix LX2). After a comparison of head-to-head for noise against the XSI and D40 on cameralabs.com, the Oly holds it's own upto ISO 800. After that, ISO1600 is a little shaky, but you can easily clean it up. So having passed for Image Quality (and the excellent review on dpreview for the Oly410); I picked one up. So far I am very pleased for the following reasons: 1) Size: Smallest DSLR (as of 06/2008) ...

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A good compact camera for outdoors and well illuminated in-doors. Auto Focusing in low light conditions is very slow using the viewfinder and even slower using liveview. I like the size and ergonomics and I have a big hand. Shooting modes P, S, A, and M keep their adjusted values, Auto mode does not, it returns to defaults and there is no apparent way to change the Auto mode defaults. Speed of shooting when it focus is fast, Picture quality is very good for its price, contrast, exposure and ...

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