Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 12-50mm 1:3.5-6.3 EZ User Reviews

Announced Dec 14, 2011 •
Zoom lens | Micro Four Thirds | V314040BU000

BLOG USING THIS LENS Not your ordinary Kit lens, that is why Olympus has put it on a flagship camera. I did not even feel the burden of compensating for its limitation. The output of camera body is only as good as the lens. 0.) Image Quality Super Sharp edge to edge. Great saturation details. Best kit lens I ever Had. 1.) Super Fast and Accurate Auto Focus The build quality is not a a typical kit lens level. 2.) Zoom by wire. Great for videos. But the mechanical zoom is not the best. 3.) ...

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This lens is only $129 online. For that you get a weatherproof lens, with a choice of electric or manual zoom, a real macro switch to allow macro use, an extra function button, in a kit lens that zooms from 12mm to 50mm. For $500, this would not be such a deal. For $129, this lens is a screaming bargain and the best cheap Olympus kit lens, by a wide margin. It' about the same size as the 40-150R kit telephoto. It takes beautiful photographs, it's cheap, and it has lots of extra features. What ...

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When i give this lens 5 stars thats not because it is the brightest, most compact and optically most outstanding glass in the M4/3 world. But considering the price tag, weatherproofing, weight, macro, brilliant focal width and overall optical performance it really shines. Just look at my picture of my nepal trekking. ( http://hans-egger.smugmug.com/Das-Album-von-Hans-und-Susanna/2012-Rund-ums-Jahr/Trecking-im-Khumbu-2012/26090037_L5RjG3#!i=2167191689&k=wsW636X ) I had four other lenses in ...

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