Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 40-150mm 1:4-5.6 User Reviews

Announced Aug 31, 2010 •
Telephoto zoom lens | Micro Four Thirds

I have ended up using the 40-150mm WAY more than I expected. I've gotten used to seeing at the distance this lens is good for. A lot of special shots can be attributed from my photos to this lens now. It allows me to compose things that normally could not be placed together in a frame because I can do it from a distance. Great value too @ $160.00.

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NZ Scott

Compared with some of the eye-wateringly expensive lenses being offered for M43 cameras, it is refreshing to find a budget option that punches above its weight. At the time of writing, the M. Zuiko 40-150 costs less than the equivalent of US$300 in many countries and has been offered online in the United States for as little as $105. I think most photographers would consider those prices to be more than reasonable for a telephoto zoom. So what do you get for those few dollars? You get a ...

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