Olympus Zuiko Digital ED 14-35mm 1:2.0 SWD

Announced Feb 17, 2005 •
Zoom lens | Four Thirds | 261011

A beast of a lens this is not one for the faint hearted. Mounted onto an E-M1 with battery grip and you have to question the size savings MFT promised, its big and heavy... but it does feel good in the hand! Focusing is snappy (enough) and silent, and the filter thread doesn't rotate with focusing which is a bonus when using CPL filters. The barrel does move when you zoom (why this wasn't an internally zoomed lens I'll never know) but this is no more than a cm at most. Tack sharp whilst wide ...

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Have used this lens with E-3, E-5, EM-5, EM-5Mk2 and EM-1 since 2005: The IQ has always been hugerly impressive, more so in the advent of improved detectors since E-3. Have abused this lens severely; it actually came in the way of my face as I was falling face down on a frozen hill. Broken nose, twisted glasses, blood everywhere on the lens. Into the shower with the mounted lens and E-5. Luke warm water for 20 minutes, toweled it off, a final spraying with destilled water, gentle towelling, ...

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Would probably be the worlds first perfect zoom lens ever created had they gotten the focusing right. This lens is amazingly sharp throughout the frame, it's constant f2, sharp wide open, like a bag full of really sharp primes. I think Olympus would have been the first to achieve pure perfection in a lens had the focusing been at the same level as the optics. Problems: slow focusing at times and it's fairly large for being fourthirds.

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