Olympus FL-300R Flash Overview

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Product description

Manufacturer description: It functions as a bounce flash and wireless remote flash with enough power for snapshots. Photographers can use it in tandem with the camera’s built–in, pop-up flash, or as an alternative to it. It is designed in silver to match the new PEN lineup. Additionally, it has the ability to function wirelessly through a remote control function on the new E-P3.

Quick specs
Power output / Guide number Max Guide No at ISO 200: 28ft./8.5m
Coverage 18 mm
Bounce tilt 90.00°
Bounce tilt - notes Tilts 60° up and 30° down
Power source 2-AAA Batteries
Dimensions 2.2 x 3.5 x 1.1 (56 x 89 x 28 mm)
Weight 3.40 oz (96 g)

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