Olympus TG-820 iHS

Announced Feb 8, 2012 •
12 megapixels | 3 screen | 28 – 140 mm (5×)
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Hello. I have my Olympus TG-820 for over 3 years now and first time I had problem with it....actually it is my fault because I always forgotten clean it after sea water... I gues salt is everywhere in there and zoom lever stopped working and central joystick. My question is if it is ok to open whole camera and clean it? I want to rescue him as it spend with a lot of my travels and wish can still use it. I'm wonder if there is any air pressure inside of the camera so if I open it will go out...
I'm getting married early next year and am looking into purchasing both a full size camera as well as a compact to just have in my pocket where the other would be too big to carry around with.We plan on going to both city areas as well as beachy places.  I've been looking into waterproof/dustproof compacts and can't find a good consensus on which one is better than the other.  All of them that I've looked at have both good and bad reviews.  As this will be for our honeymoon, I don't want to...
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