Olympus SZ-16 iHS User Reviews

Announced Jan 8, 2013 •
16 megapixels | 3 screen | 25 – 600 mm (24×)

On day one I took photos from my SZ-16ihs and they just hit my tired old eyes sweet spot, there's something special about this camera. I bought it for a major trip and it was a fantastic choice, when travelling size and convenience matter, if it doesn't fit in a pocket it becomes a burden and dare I say it even on a holiday far away from home if it's too big for the pocket then it'll spend a bit of time locked away. Also important is being able to charge the battery simply, and it can be done ...

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This is quite the little compact travel zoom.  And a great value.  I picked mine up from Olympus direct as a factory refurbished model, looks brand new.  Super fast focus lock, decent low light performance, nice wide angle for landscapes also.  Photo quality is great for this class of camera.  Nice sharp images, fairly low noise up to about 800 ISO.  Image stabilization is miles ahead of my old SP-565UZ Olympus.  Highly recommended!

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The best all round camera available.  My 6th Olympus and the best to date. The image quality is very good. Having a 24X zoom lens gives lots of flexibility.  From wide angle to telephoto. The image stabiliser works well.  Noise is well controlled. Flash  is fairly powerful. It may have a tiny sensor but the amount of detail recorded is considerable.  If the sensor was larger the lens would be bigger and the whole camera would no longer fit in a pocket. It handles well and has a good battery life.

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