Olympus Stylus 1s

Announced Apr 13, 2015 •
12 megapixels | 3 screen | 28 – 300 mm (10.7×)

I very rarely write reviews, but in the case of the Oly 1S I will make an exception, considering that this camera has a 10.8x optical constant F2.8 lens and an excellent EVF, then it is a very compact camera, added to that is blazingly fast AF (will focus in almost any conditions and on almost any subject) combined with very fast general operation, fast burst, fast precise zoom, this all adds up to a camera that will allow you to grab pretty well any shot you like. I hadn't realised what a ...

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I'm a semi-pro photographer who didn't want to lug her 10 lb. DSLR camera bag with multiple lenses on a trip to Ecuador. After doing a lot of research on enthusiast-class compact cameras I decided on the Stylus 1s. My initial impressions from several indoor and outdoor test sessions were promising. However, putting the camera through its paces under demanding conditions in South America produced mediocre results at best. The first problem was the undependable auto-focus (both still and ...

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I had a few days with this little camera and I liked it very much. It's fast and capable of shooting in many different situations. The image quality is very nice for such small sensor camera. It has many of the things from Olympus E-M10 for example. The grip is a bit small. It's soft in the corners at 28mm wide open and would also prefer start from 24mm. Here are some pictures: 300mm equiv, F2.8, 400 ISO 1/3s, F4, 50mm equiv, handheld with the ND filter 100mm equiv, F2.8, Portrait with some ...

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