Olympus Stylus 1010

Announced Jan 22, 2008 •
10 megapixels | 2.7 screen | 37 – 260 mm (7×)

What can I say, this camera is worth every penny I paid. For a walk around pocket camera this ranks very close to the Fuji F-models I own. The 7x zoom is a good lens and the images are not over sharpened and require little to no post processing to print very nice pictures. Nice feature set and will make picture taking a snap for a beginer, my wife cant mess it up if she uses the guide option. The macro's come out excellent and the 800 iso's are very printable giving you a great deal of ...

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Excelllent "compact" camera. Lens focus' quickly, shots are well saturated, colors are right on. Love the in-camera panorama feature. The camera feels solid for it's size, the buttons are well placed even for someone with large hands, terrific alternative to carrying large camera or DSLR on a trip. LCD is clear and sharp. Macro and super macro work well.Olympus did a nice job with this camera. Problems: No problems.

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