Olympus SP-800 UZ

Announced Feb 2, 2010 •
14 megapixels | 3 screen | 28 – 840 mm (30×)
Tom Caldwell

I bought this thinking that I might have been buying a reasonable quality camera from a company that is respected as a camera manufacturer of long standing and some repute. I was a bit wrong. This is a super zoom camera for persons who don't think much about their photography and will be satisfied with something less than the optimum in images. It starts off by feeling cheap and plastic. Its images are noisy at high ISO. Its dynamic range struggles and it has difficulty in focusing from time to

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I bought a SP800 UZ camera from New York, which arrived to me a couple of days ago. It has software (Ib) residing into the internal memory, which you need to download and launch through data cable, supplied alongwith the camera. After downloading, whenever I tried to launch it, in three systems separately under Windows XP environment, it refuses to launch every time. The same error appears everytime which reads as : Could not launch ib. Possible reasons: 1. Your VGA driver needs an update. 2. ...

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