Olympus IR-300 User Reviews

Announced Feb 17, 2005 •
5 megapixels | 2 screen | 38 – 114 mm (3×)

Every year I shop for a new digital camera for one of my family members. This time it's for my wife's christmas present. I looked high(not slr) and low. I went to at least 5 different stores, talked with the sales people, played with various models(samsung, ricoh, nikon, canon, olympus, and panasonic), read the reviews on dpreview, and checked out the prices. I found, I wanted the functionality of the Canon S2 but needed something that could easily be taken along. So it wasn't going to be ...

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I was disappointed from this little camera. My in laws asked me for a small and nice camera - and since I own the C5050 i thought that this camera has something from the Olympus line. So I got it and tested it and the images were so bad. huge noise problem and the poor WB was annoying - almost every picture came out with under saturated colors. The zoom is 3x and 4x digital - and it is not useful. I know how to use the camera and what to expect - but this one was bad. I was hoping that the my ...

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