Olympus FE-310

Announced Jan 22, 2008 •
8 megapixels | 2.5 screen | 37 – 185 mm (5×)

Received this camera from Olympus after a previous model failed on me. Thats good customer service even on a cheap camera under $100. In good light it shoots great shots for the money. Not very good for shooting under unusual lighting though it does have a wide variety of auto settings ie; portrait, scenery, macro, super macro, action, sunsets and even a fireworks setting which probably uses the slowest shutter speed of 1/2sec. If your after a quick camera for grabbing shots for social ...

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The good. A very basic camera. Takes nice photos for what it is. Lots of scene modes but ho hum. It has a "digital image stabilization" mode which works and can be used in conjunction with the two macro modes (macro, super macro). Menu system is very simplistic, adjustments are easily accomplished through the buttons on the rear of the camera. In "P" mode you can actually set the ISO to AUTO, or increments 80 to 640. This is the only mode you can do this in. No focus assist. Has a ...

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