Olympus FE-200

Announced Aug 24, 2006 •
6 megapixels | 2.5 screen | 28 – 140 mm (5×)
Barry Fitzgerald

Pros: Build decent enough for this class 28mm wide angle and 5x zoom LCD 2.5" 150k, reasonable Easy to use Controls are ok for a compact Metering pretty decent Problems: Cons: Very limited control of camera, ISO/WB etc Anti red eye is not effective at all Optics not too bad distortion wise, but soft in corners Image quality, average to a bit below (lacks details) Low res video capture AF sometimes confirms focus, even if its not! Shutter lag not too bad, but below many Nasty CA on many images ...

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(for a friend) i have checked this camera and find it easy to use along point and shoot lines. large lcd display helps get a good picture. Problems: reason why i am checking it is that outside pics are good, inside flash seems overexposed and too bright loosing details as well as intermittent rings or circles appearing on picture. Checking the card they are there too and show much worse on printed pictures. anyone else had this problem as a camera fault! To me looks like the flash is somehow ...

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Purchased as an upgrade to another FE series camera. The 2.5 LCD, 28mm 5x zoom lens, macro/super macro features all appealed to me. Pros: Excellent build. Small without being too small to allow operation (though the controls I wish were a touch bigger). Able to spend a day outing with it (200 shots or more) without recharging battery. Images are about what you can expect from a point and shoot. LCD size is appreciated (previous cams had 1.8" ones). Attractive. Metal body. Problems: Qu ...

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