Olympus FE-20 (C-25 / X-15)

Announced Aug 25, 2008 •
8 megapixels | 2.5 screen | 36 – 108 mm (3×)
Olympus FE-20 (C-25 / X-15) Ask a question in forums about the Olympus FE-20 (C-25 / X-15).
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Hello, is there a generally accepted lens considered the best in this range for m43? I don't want to know about the upcoming f2.8 lens from Olympus - it's not available yet and will be very expensive and big. I would like one that is nice and light (and pretty cheap) but gets me out to 150mm. And it has to be sharp - I can't stand unsharp lenses. I looked at the Lumix 45-200mm lens (since I don't mind going to 200mm instead of 150mm), but its sharpness was awful at the longer end, so it's...
Starting to get back into post-processing again, a little more than the sometimes crop and and very few adjustments if any.  I had a fixed lens and tried to keep things as straightforward as possible.  I've been a bit more of a purist, I might say.  I've recently geared up on LR and have started shooting RAW again..  I've been looking at a lot of the pictures posted here.Mainly I like to look at ones where the exif info is displayed because I want to do more adjustments in the manual mode...
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