Olympus FE-170

Announced Aug 24, 2006 •
6 megapixels | 2.5 screen | 38 – 114 mm (3×)

I bought this camera a few weeks ago when I was visit San Francisco. I have owned several other point and shoot cameras, all but one by Nikon. I decided to step out of the box, and give the Olympus a shot. I wanted a cheap camera I could throw in my purse and take with me. My Nikon 5700 wasn't travel friendly and there was alot of walking around in the rain in my near future. There were a couple things about this camera I really loved. It was small, and lightweight. I could store it just ...

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Just purchased a FE170 for my daughter and have been testing it out for the past week. It is a very tidy little camera with good large LCD and appears to be well put together. Simple to operate with good menus and help. However I am very disappointed with the picture quality. In anything other than bright sunlight the pictures are very grainy. The lens is so slow that camera shake is a real problem and the flash is only good over a few meters. There is an image stabilisation option which ...

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