Olympus D-395 (C-160) User Reviews

Announced Mar 18, 2004 •
3 megapixels | 1.5 screen | 33 mm

I purchased this camera really knowing nothing about cameras. I thought this camera would have everything I would need, but I was wrong. It is not a bad camera, but I had three problems with it. It has been over a year since I have used this camera because I just buy disposable cameras. I think that they are a better option than this camera. Problems: This camera is very slow It has no optical zoom It has only digital zoom, which I think is useless The battery life is horrible It is almost ...

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It is great point and shoot camera. Yes it is slow but nice result. I allways carry camera with me, almost anywhear i go. Small, cheap, low batery consumption. I use 16MB xD card and 4 rechargable batery. My personal report=16MB is good for 20 high to 70 low pic, 2 batery is good for 1 week without using flash. Problems: To slow when focus is in action. When shooting from hand pixels are difused. Not always difused if there is bright light and your outdoor picture can be ok. Not recomended ...

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I always liked Olympus clamshell design. When it was offered at SGD$250 (USD152), I feebly resisted by asking for a photoprint. The 4R picture turns out pleasing enough. Its now my EDC (Every day carry) camera. At the price, I really don't care if I drop or lose it. Pluses + Better lens protection with clamshell design Uses 2 AA batteries (best with trickle charged NIMH batteries) Built in Panorama mode (I am now a pano freak) Spot metering (point at any gray point, reframe, shoot) Viewfinder ...

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it's so easy to use, autofocus TTL is perfect, i like fill in flash togheter nocturn exp, it flashes at the end of the shutter time exposition..and this is great!..image quality is very good, and this is really important! In the night it'is easy to take photos in free hand mode, with a bit of care... At the end I brought this camera for my child, and i took it for me..as a point and shoot emergency camera Problems: it's slow, but I expected this.

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This little gem is great for grab shots and a camera to always have with you. I like the fixed lens. No lens zooming noise and waiting. make you move around more and be creative. Lots of features for the money. Anybody want a nice back-up camera or candid shooter should try this. If you want a camera to do everything and more you better look for £350 + models. This cost me £120. Very good value for F2.8 33mm lens (35mm equiv).apature. Problems: Battery only lasted for about 30 shots, but it ...

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