Olympus C-765 UZ

Announced Feb 12, 2004 •
4 megapixels | 1.8 screen | 38 – 380 mm (10×)

I have had two C-765s, having purchased the second after the first was stolen. Obviously, I was very happy with the first (except as noted under "problems"; it produced sharp photos with fine colors and I appreciated the ultra-zoom feature. The second was a different story; it produced photos that all were slightly out of focus and the colors appeared washed-out. After having spent much time on the phone getting to and talking with the Olympus technicians (this was no fun; one has to go ...

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The picture quality from this camera was excellent , I was really impressed with the x 10 zoom and also the macro feature. However I have returned the camera for a refund now as it developed a fault in the optical system creating lines across the picture within 16 days of buying it. The maker repaired it taking three weeks and returned it with a different problem which would take another three weeks to resolve so I sent it back to the retailer for refund. Problems: Failed within 16 days of ...

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