Olympus C-5060 Wide Zoom User Reviews

Announced Sep 29, 2003 •
5 megapixels | 1.8 screen | 27 – 110 mm (4.1×)

1. Very low quality of camera OLYMPUS C-5060 WZ – poor software, very defective electronic modules. 2. Not robust in use. Very high rate of defects. For less than 10 months my camera was for repair three times in warranty. The defects are not damages by use they are manufacturing defects of the cameras. 3. Very slow in use - long time for adjustment. 4. Very poor and not fear customer service and very low qualified technical support. OLYMPUS is not interested in customer satisfaction. The ...

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A lemon! I had it for 2 weeks and in the first week there were problems! Over the years I have had several different makes and types of digital cameras, starting out with a Kodak DC200+ and a Ricoh RDC-300z. I have also had an AGFA ephoto 12xx and my latest digital was an Olympus C-2. I mainly do SLR based photography using an old Minolta XG-1 so I decided to get a new digital camera with a reasonable mega pixel ccd to help with web design and rely less on the film driven Minolta. After ...

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I test it for 2 weeks with more than 1000 shots almost in every situation. I did the same with a Olympus 5060, a Nikon 5400 and a Canon G5. For the image quality, the features, the fast lenses, the construction and yhe value for money, I decided without any exitation for the Canon G5. The Camedia 5060 is a good camera but the image quality and specialyy the lenses aro not to compare with the Canon. And it's also worst in low light and more expensive...

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