Olympus C-3030 Zoom

Announced Jan 27, 2000 •
3 megapixels | 1.8 screen | 32 – 96 mm (3×)
Rich Hawley

As a past owner of an Olympus D600L, I'm finding the 3030 zoom a real treat. Basic operation is fairly easy to use (setting options are more complex), the size and handling of the unit is great, and picture quality is superb. A real step up to a point-and-shoot type feel for a digital camera owner who expects high quality, high-res pictures. The exposure capabilities on this model far exceeds other models I've used, taking less control of the light availabitily/metering situation on the ...

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After reading reviews for eight months and endless trips to camera sellers, I chose the Olympus 3030Z and have been well satisfied. The options for image size and resolution are unequaled in any other camera. The ability to record sound for both stills and movies was a must have for me. The remote control for taking pictures but especially for playback with the ability to move from thumbnail to 3X magnification and moved both forward and backward with the remote is something that only ...

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I found the picture quality of the 3030 to be excellent, easy to use, and feels good in the hands. My only complaints are few. I don't like the lens/barrel design. You have to get a barrel adapter for filters, and the actual lens is wobbly. No sync cord available yet for external flash. Problems: The hinge door for the USB/AV/ac adapter does not lock shut and seems like it will wear out fast. Could be just my camera. LCD protective cover scratches verry easily.

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