Olympus Digital Cameras, Lenses and Printers

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Global website: www.olympus-global.com
US website: www.olympusamerica.com
EU website: www.olympus-europa.com
Established: 1919
Country: Japan
First digital camera: CAMEDIA C-800L, 1996
Olympus has been a part of the photography landscape since for over 70 years, and was one of the early consumer digital camera innovators. Today, as well as a range of compact cameras, Olympus offers a range of mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras based on the Four Thirds sensor format. A mirrorless evolution of the company's older Four Thirds DSLRs, Olympus's PEN and OM-D-series 'Micro Four Thirds' cameras have proven capable and popular with those photographers that value their relatively small size and weight compared to contemporary DSLRs.
Olympus offers a wide range of models in three distinct ranges; the entry-level FE series, the big zoom SP series and the ultra compact, stylish Mju / Stylus series. Although often laden with features, few offer much manual control.
Olympus offers a wide range of digitally-optimized (and highly acclaimed) Four Thirds lenses, mostly zooms, (which can also be on PEN cameras via an optional adaptor), as well as a slowly growing Micro Four Thirds lens lineup.
Olympus also markets a limited range of small form-factor dye- sublimation photo printers. It's P-range models are inexpensive, compact, and produce 6x4in prints.

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