Olympus Digital Cameras, Lenses and Printers

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Global website: www.olympus-global.com
US website: www.olympusamerica.com
EU website: www.olympus-europa.com
Established: 1919
Country: Japan
First digital camera: CAMEDIA C-800L, 1996
Olympus has been a part of the photography landscape since for over 70 years, and was one of the early consumer digital camera innovators. Today, as well as a huge range of (mostly relatively modest) compact cameras, Olympus offers two distinct, but closely related interchangeable lens systems. The E-system, based on the Four Thirds standard, was launched as (and remains) the only ‘fully digital’ SLR system (with no need to support legacy film products). Despite offering smaller than average camera bodies and competitive features, the E-system has not, thus far, delivered Olympus much market share. In 2009 the company launched the mirrorless Micro Four Thirds (PEN) system, to much acclaim.
Olympus offers a wide range of models in three distinct ranges; the entry-level FE series, the big zoom SP series and the ultra compact, stylish Mju / Stylus series. Although often laden with features, few offer much manual control.
Olympus offers a wide range of digitally-optimized (and highly acclaimed) Four Thirds lenses, mostly zooms, (which can also be on PEN cameras via an optional adaptor), as well as a slowly growing Micro Four Thirds lens lineup.
Olympus also markets a limited range of small form-factor dye- sublimation photo printers. It's P-range models are inexpensive, compact, and produce 6x4in prints.

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