Nikon 1 S1

Announced Jan 8, 2013 •
10 megapixels | 3 screen | 1″ sensor
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Hi everyone! I just bought a nikon s1 camera and I'm pretty new to the photografy world, so I decided to get some info on the web to better understand what's that 2,7x crop factor and how lenses works. Now that I have those information I was wondering, would it be totally crazy to buy a cheap adapter ring to convert the 1 Mount to the f Mount (...
Hi! I want to buy a camera that I want to use a simple facecam for YouTube and such. Since it's just gonna be a hobby and i'm just an amateur I want the cheapest thing possible.  I've been looking extensively at these 2 cameras from the title but I know nothing about modern cameras and what they support/do, I have no idea if they'll fit my needs.  Basically I need a cam that I can mount on a stand, that can record directly onto my hard drive via USB or HDMI(I have an HDMI Input card) while...
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