Nikon D3

Announced Aug 23, 2007 •
12 megapixels | 3 screen | Full frame sensor
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Hi all, Reaching out to all those of you how have mated the 35mm AF-D (f/2) to the current gen of FX cameras (D6XX, D7XX, D8XX, D3(x), D4(x)) Would be curious to know how easy you find it to focus this lens manually. I have a heck of time using my 24mm f/2.8 AI for people pictures, so was wondering how much of a difference the 11mm 'step up' makes. I do realize this lens will AF without trouble...but considering there's no manual override when the lens is in AF mode, I suppose what I'm...
By: DMKAlex (7 months ago)
Posted to: Open Talk
I listed my D3 and D3x on Craigslist. I received at least 2 inquiries that are, no doubt in my mind, scams. They all wanted to pay a higher price to ship the camera. They both wanted my PayPal account so to deposit money there. How do they get money into PayPal to make me believe that they have fully paid? Do they just claim item not received and get their money back later?
My D3 no longer has a display. Sent to Nikon and they're response is that they no longer manufacture the part (PCB UNIT Part No. 1C999-590-1). Anyone know how to get this camera fixed. I can't believe I have to toss this workhorse.
I have noticed that when I look through my view finder to take a photo my meter is not there. I see it on the outside of my camera where my screen is at but when I look through the lens it is not there. I have tried it all modes but it's not showing up. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
I have a wonderful 600mm f4 ED IF AiS manual focus that I unfortunately only get a chance to use now and then - bought used nearly nine years ago for a trip to Alaska. I keep it in its trunk case and we are a non-smoking family. ( and I also have a modified Teleconverter 1.4 AF I use with it to help me get focus) I want to have it 'cleaned' - not that there are any significant 'issues' , just that I feel the images can be sharper/clearer - becase I myself just got a new pair of glasses, and I...
As I damaged the low pass filter on my D3 the insurance company have given me the money to buy a D4s, nice... :) As I really don't like the idea of an XQD card, its cost and having to buy a reader is it possible to transfer the images from the D4s to my computer via cable connection? I've never had to do this with the D3 as I have a card reader for CF cards. I must admit that the XQD card 'thing' is almost a 'deal breaker' with me but if I can transfer files using a cable I'd be happy to get...
I am a sportsphotographer, and shoot football/soccer in the danish premier league. Just got my new D4S today, and I am putting my usual settings in. I have been using D3's the last many years. Any pro football/soccer photographers on, that can share their AF-settings.? Things like focus lock-on On or Off etc. etc. Put my preferred D3 settings in, as best I could, and shot some fast moving cars in the street. Every single shot was perfectly in fokus. So not much to learn from that experience!...
Hi all, I´m still happy with my old D3 from 2007. I have three EN-EL4a batteries and today the first of them shows a 4 in charging life. My question is if the battery will stop working or can´t be charged in the near future due to a programed electronic switch off JP
Hi, I just bought a used Nikon D3. Trying to connect it via USB to a windows 10 machine and it is not being recognised by Windows at all. No "new hardware wizard" popping up. Camera stays in shooting mode. When the cable is plugged into the camera the green light blinks if the camera is already on, so it knows it is plugged in to some degree. My questions: Is this a windows 10 driver/compatibility issue? Has anyone else had a D3 working on windows 10? I have tried 2 cables, one brand new. 2...
By: Valentinian (11 months ago)
Hi All. I happen to have this old memory card. In it it is written Olympus SmartMedia 8MB-3.3 M-8P D3V20 SMFV008-OY1 4RT107CA1 KOREA 934Y Did many years ago anybody in this forum happen to  have an Olympus compact camera using a card like this? which camera was? I would like to see the pictures in this card: any idea how to? thanks V. .
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