Nikon D2Hs

Announced Feb 16, 2005 •
4 megapixels | 2.5 screen | APS-C sensor
Christophe Janot

Fantastic product ! I upgrade from a D2h. I don't need 12Mpix. 4Mpix are ok, and post-processing time are slower. - Automatic WB was improved from D2h. - High ISO are far better. I've done 1600 iso tests with ultra low ambient light, and results where great. - All operations are done instantly. - The display is now usefull (quality and 4 histo) HIGHLY recommended ! Problems: From time to time, when shooting at 4+ img/s in CS mode, the first frame is black or very very dark.

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Teila Day

Opinion by actual D2hs owner: I own and shoot with the Nikon D2hs, and have much experience with the Nikon D100. I'd bypass those opinions by people who obviously don't own and or don't use this particular camera, and who can’t read simple instructions that this area is for actual owners to post their opinions. 4megapixels: I was one mouse “click” away from purchasing the 12mp (megapix) D2x. I thought the D2x would be the ideal camera because of my interest of producing large prints in ...

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this camera is way to expensive, 4 megapixel in the year 2005 is just a crazy thing, nobody could understand. Also if you read what Thom Hogan said about the D2X "Yes, you can switch to High-speed crop and get a bigger effective buffer, but once you've shot action at 12mp and seen the stunning amount of detail that can be captured, you won't want to switch to 6.9mp." and the D2Hs is just 4 megapixel

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This camera should be priced at no more than $1,400, just like all the other D-SLRs. Why? Read on. I had been a Nikon user before the Digital camera time. Having Nikon F4s and FM2 with a range of lenses from 15mm fish eye to 300mm/f4 all Nikkor lenses, you would have thought that I would go for a Nikon Digital. I considered and reviewed a lot before buying a Digital SLR. But I see that Nikon is not stepping up to the plate as Canon is. To start, I first bought the Digital Rebel, good ...

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Carl Maiorino

This is one awesome camera, if you can live without the large files of the D2X. I am amazed at the sharpness of the images straight off the camera, the white balance is dead-on and, the flesh-tones are perfect. The camera just feels right in your hand and the rugged pro build makes for a durable camera. I have owned many digital cameras up to now, but this is the one I stay with for a while. Problems: None at all after 3 weeks and 5,000+ images...

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