Nikon AF-S DX Nikkor 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6G ED-IF User Reviews

Announced Aug 9, 2006 •
Lens | Nikon F (DX)

IMHO Nikon's 18-135 f/3.5 zoom lens was one of the most underrated lenses. As a matter of fact it stays on my D7000 almost all the time. It simply shines as a great portrait lens and its fairly wide focal length allows it to be an excellent "walk around" lens. I have the 16-85VR also but much prefer the 18-135 lens. It works best when your high ISOs allow you to shoot with shutter speeds of 125 and higher. Lack of VR in this case doesn't make this lens a poor performer. If you have mastered ...

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Like another reviewer, mine came with a D80 and a fair few years on I'm not convinced I need a better one. Back then I also bought a Nikon 70-300mm and that never leaves the shelf. It was a disappointment from day one. I most often use Sigma lenses (especially the 150-500mm) but retain and use the 18-135mm often. OK, f2.8 would be nice sometimes but not often enough to spend on something 'wot ain't broke'. Problems: None.

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This is a good lens if you get it for free or around $200. Came with D7000 at $1050. On par with sharpness of 16-85mm and a fraction of the price. Ok range. VR works very well for VRI. Distortions/vignetting as well as some artifacts are corrected automatically in Lightroom. Good to just keep in the bag due to size/weight/focal range/and lack of concern for its whereabouts. I leave filters off and keep the hood on (which isn't really a necessity - flare is controlled and contrast ...

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I got this lens as the kit lens for D80 back in 2006. At that time, I found it a reasonable performer with a convenient focal range at low price. Resolution is high, but that's it about the good part of the lens. Big Boo for the plastic mount. The distortions are severe throughout the focal range, vignetting is enourmous at 135mm. And without image stabilization and F5.6 at 135mm, good luck to get a sharp image. Focusing speed also leaves something to be desired on D80. Build quality is ...

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